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Nalza Microsystems diverse Services help companies enhance their performance in todays digital world, and include top-level consultation, remote R&D and comprehensive customer support. We provide a range of advanced data-driven solutions, services and products for the digital age.

From e-Business, e-commerce and business intelligence, Nalza Microsystems answers complex business needs for leading companies worldwide. Integrating knowledge with the latest hi-tech innovation, Nalza Microsystems offers tools and ideas that excel with outstanding return on investment.

Nalza Microsystems Solutions integrate best-of-breed technologies with unique deployment methods for maximum performance and scalability. With expertise in turnkey solutions, complex database systems and all leading environments including Linux, Nalza Microsystems develops tools and platforms for e-Business and data management, mining and analysis.

We can take the system you have now and design enhancements, upgrades, or even transform the system entirely. We can develop innovative approaches while still preserving your investment in software. We can access core competencies within Nalza Microsystems to assist you regardless of where you are in your project cycle: planning, implementation, training, or even transitioning to a whole new system.

Here are some of the ways our Consulting Services can help you:

  • System Analysis & Integration
  • Application Development
  • Technical Training
  • Custom Software Developmet
  • Workflow Systems Development

Nalza Microsystems

is a Bumiputra company based in Malaysia. Registered with Ministry Of Finance. We are committed, fresh and rapid.